Conversations That Matter

Conversations That Matter are small group gatherings that support reflection, connection, and shared meaning-making. Through skilled facilitation, carefully selected poems or visual materials, quiet reflection, and meaningful exploration with others, conversations move us from the hurry of “getting things done” to a space where deeper meaning and relationships can unfold.


Conversations setting (photo by Jan Leo)

Cultivating Care:

Safe Space to Renew Yourself
and Our Collective Capacity for Care

Will Be Rescheduled with New Dates & Times

Are you a family or professional caregiver who could use a little care yourself?

Need a safe space to pause, renew your spirits and know you’re not alone?

Want to understand the important part you play in a larger community of care?

Providing care for family-members, patients, or the elderly can be a difficult, sometimes lonely task. Whether you’re helping a loved-one at home, or working as a physician, nurse, aide, or staff member for a health-care organization, you need to take care of yourself, as well. “Cultivating Care” is a chance to reflect, renew your spirits, and rediscover your authentic role in the ecosystem of care – along with others who are doing the same.

Join us for five rewarding sessions (meal included). [Dates and times are being rescheduled.] Please let us know if you’d like to receive information on new dates/times.

There’s no cost to you beyond a modest fee for materials and shared meals ($25, $50 or $75 depending on your ability to pay). However, participants are asked to commit to all five sessions, plus additional personal reflection.

This series of conversations is offered by and will be held at the nonprofit Community House, located on Pittsburgh’s North Side for over 175 years. To register or for more detailed information, contact:  Space is limited, so please contact us ASAP.

Conversations That Matter can bring together:

  • Individuals seeking support for themselves or ones they love, as they face chronic illness, end of life challenges, or other life transitions.
  • Health care professionals or non-profit leaders experiencing burn-out or compassion fatigue.
  • Seniors considering issues of meaning and purpose in the latter season of life.
  • Working class individuals coping with the daily stresses of “just getting by.”
  • Others you may wish to suggest.

Together, participants create safe space for open-hearted reflection and for exploration of life’s inevitable challenges. They experience the presence of supportive “travelling companions” and recognize that their personal concerns are part of a shared human story – all with an eye toward making generous contributions in the world.

Sessions are typically convened at locations within the City of Pittsburgh.

This work grows out of independent study at Harvard University (2001-2002), implementation and evaluation of “Conversations for Common Wealth” (2002-2005), and subsequent pilot initiatives at Community House Learning Center (Spring 2010, Fall 2010 and Summer 2012).

To participate in a currently-scheduled conversation series – or to explore developing one for your group or nonprofit organization, let’s connect.